Here’s How to tell Winter is Coming in Belize

In Belize, like in most places, we have the same tell-tale signs that scream winter is coming.

These are the top 5 signs you can look for:


1. It’s freezing out! Since it’s not the usual 82 degrees we’ve grown so accustomed to, when the temperature drops 7 degrees, we feel it! At 75 degrees we pull out light sweaters, thin blankets and our favorite winter shorts. Yes, shorts.

December in Belize

Sweater and Shorts. Photo Credit: TacoGirl

2.  There’s an abundance of food everywhere. You know winter is coming when Belizeans start to make their Christmas black cake and homemade eggnog, or as we call it RumPopo. A lot of the food you’ll experience during a Belizean “winter” is seasonal and you’ll have to wait until next winter to have it again, so we recommend that you indulge.

Belizean Food

Traditional Rice and Beans


3. We can finally build snowmen. Sorry, we meant to say sandmen, or men made of hay. We think they take a little more imagination to create, but they’re equally as fun to put together.


Christmas in Belize563718_10152333560130468_1890028781_n

4. Christmas trees are lit in almost every town. While it might not be a Rockefeller Tree Lighting, the twinkling lights set the mood for a fun month of holiday activities.

Christmas in BelizeChristmas in Belize

5. It gets darker sooner. By 5:30PM the sun starts to set and night begins to sneak in. The sun sets an hour earlier than usual, but there is no doubt that the sunsets during these months are the most spectacular of the year. photo (3)

6. The water is icy. Ok. We might be making things up, but we couldn’t miss the opportunity to tell you that since the temperature is still warm, the sea is also warm and perfect for swimming. Our pool, after a long day of jungle adventures, also remains a good way to unwind and relax all year round. The only things that stay icy are the cold Belizean beers and cocktails that we’re sure you’ll love on a sunny winter day. IMG_1914

Who are we kidding? In a tropical paradise in the Caribbean it’s hard to tell when winter is coming, since it never really arrive. We have no snow days, no blizzards, and no below zero temperatures to fear. While it may be hard to tell when winter is coming, we can assure you that sipping on a Tequila Sunrise while sitting at our pool and looking at an amber sunset is so much “cooler” than shoveling snow.

You need to be here. We can help.


About Giovanni Pelayo

General Manager of the family business Amber Sunset Jungle Resort. I love nature, sports & travel. I especially love my country for all its beauty & adventure it can offer. Follow us.
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